Tuesday, April 12, 2011

what shall i say?

Wow! It has been really a long time that I didn't visit my blog. What a shame! But what to do? I prefer to stay with my family, Jasrul and bz with a lot of work than sitting in front of computer.

When the sun arrives, we think that it will be a sunny day for the whole day but suddenly it rain. Or sometime the sun doesn't say hello at all and it stays cloudy for the rest of the day. Kind of annoying. Just this morning,i take leave and prefer to stay at home because all part of my body really pain,  even i have enough sleep last nite! no worries, i just want to run away from the biziest world at office and laboratory. and here now..i can rest as much as i can, do whatever i want to do, relax and enjoying the time with a good taste of hot nescafe and uncle slocumm's original recipe, Gardeniaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!

umpphhh...for the first time Jasrul will be away from me for a long time. he back to his hometown and for this 2 weeks i will spend more time with Natrah, which is she told me earlier.hehe..we will cook together,hang out, and definitely singing our favorite songs!  ok nad...i'm yours now.hahaha. to abang, you taught me how to live independently, and now when you are not around, all your words, your messages will be practice.insyaAllah..

doa saya, selamat abang balik ke kampung, dan selamat kembali meneruskan taggungjawab terhadap kerjaya. i will miss you a lot!

Bigkiss from mizzmuai=)

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